Scott Wykes, PhD, LMHC


Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision, University of Northern Colorado.
MA Pastoral Counseling, Ashland Theological Seminary

Credentials/Professional Affiliations

Dr. Wykes degree in Counselor Education and Supervision with a Major in Marriage and Family Therapy trained him to provide educational and supervisory skills to therapists and psychologists in training as well as for him to provide comprehensive and effective services to clients.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor WA     (LH00007178)
Chemical Dependency Professional WA   (CP00004138)
Clinical Director:   ClearView Counseling   (31 1211 00)
                             DBHR approved DUI assessment facility

Assistant Professor, Regent University (2008-2010)

Treatment Emphasis/Philosophy

Many therapists soon discover that all the treatment models and methods presented in graduate school do not always fit with every client, or even with every therapist. Dr. Wykes is able to apply many theories and models to your individual treatment. However, he believes strongly that thoughts, emotions and behaviors are deeply connected and that if movement can be made in one of these areas, then change can happen. His work with men over the years has confirmed to him the importance of helping men get in touch with their emotions and he is able to do this in a humorous, effective and respectful way.


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